Connaître les auteurs – Q-Z


QUILL Timothy E.

Doctor Timothy Quill is a professor of medicine,
psychiatry, and medical humanities at the University
of Rochester, School of Medicine and Dentistry.
Dr. Quill is highly regarded locally and nationally
for his ongoing study of palliative care and
end-of-life issues. He is board certified in
Internal Medicine and also certified in Palliative
Care by the American Board of Hospice and Palliative



V.S. Ramachandran, M.D., Ph.D. is Director of
the Center for Brain and Cognition and Professor
of Neurosciences and Psychology at the University
of California , San Diego , and Adjunct Professor
of Biology at the Salk Institute. Ramachandran
trained as a physician and obtained a medical
degree from Stanley Medical College and subsequently
a doctorate from Trinity College at the University
of Cambridge, England. Web page:

Randi J


James Randi is an internationally known magician
and escape artist who has made a career of investigating
pseudo-science, paranormal, occult and supernatural
claims. Randi Foundation:

Raymo C


Chet Raymo is Professor of Physics and Astronomy
at Stonehill College in Massachusetts. He is
the author of several books on science, including
365 Starry Nights An Introduction to Astronomy
for Every Night of the Year (1982), The Soul
of the Night (1996), and Honey From Stone: A
Naturalist’s Search for God (1997) He also wrote
Skeptics and True Believers (1998). His homepage:


Greg Reinking, received bachelor’s and master’s
degrees in electrical engineering at Texas Tech
University, conducted original thesis research
with the Molecular Physics group at Oak Ridge
National Laboratory, and studied medical physics
at U.C. Berkeley. He received his doctorate in
medicine degree from Baylor College of Medicine
followed by training in surgery and radiology
at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Reinking
was recently named to Texas Tech University Electrical
Engineering’s Honorary Engineering Academy for
his accomplishments and contributions. He currently
practices in Honolulu, HI. Dr. Reinking has authored
numerous journal articles in physics and medicine
as well as the book Cosmic Legacy (2003).

RESTAK Richard

Richard Restak is a graduate of Georgetown University
School of Medicine. He is a practicing neurologist
and neuropsychiatrist and the author of dozens
of articles and more than 15 books on the brain,
including The Brain (1979), The Mind (1988),
The Brain has a Mind of its Own (1991), Infant
Mind (1996), The Longevity Strategy (1998), Mysteries
of the Mind (2000), The Secret Life of the Brain
(2001), The New Brain (2003).

Ronan C


Colin A. Ronan (1920-1995), was an author and
specialist in the history and philosophy of science.
The Skywatcher’s Handbook (1989), Natural History
of the Universe: From the Big Bang to the End
of Time (1991), The Encyclopedia of Astronomy
:a comprehensive survey of our solar system,
galaxy and beyond (), Amateur Astronomy (1990),
The Universe Explained: An Earth Dweller’s Guide
to the Mysteries of Space (1994)

Rushkoff D


Douglas Rushkoff has served as an adjunct professor
of communications at New York University’s Interactive
Telecommunications Program and as an Advisor
to the United Nations Commission on World Culture.
He is the author of several books on new media
and popular culture, including Cyberia (1994),
Media Virus (1996), Playing the Future (1996),
Coercion: Why We Listen to What “They” Say (2001),
and Nothing Sacred: The Truth about Judaism (2003).
His homepage:

Sagan C


Carl Sagan (1934-1996), was the David Duncan
Professor of Astronomy and Space Sciences and
Director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies
at Cornell University. Co-founder and President
of The Planetary Society, he severs as Distinguished
Visiting Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
California Institute of Technology. Dr. Sagan
has received the Pulitzer Prize, the Oersted
Medal, and many other awards – including eighteen
honorary degrees from American colleges and universities.
He has authored many books of which: Intelligent
Life in the Universe. (1966), The Cosmic Connection.
An Extraterrestrail Perspective. (1973), The
Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution
of Human Intelligence (1977), Murmurs of Earth:
The Voyager Interstellar Record (1977), Broca’s
Brain: Reflections on the Romance of Science
(1979), Cosmos (1980) Comet (1985 with Ann Druyan),
Contact: A Novel (1985), The Nuclear Winter:
The World After Nuclear War (1985), A Path Where
No Man Thought (1990 with Richard Turco), Shadows
of Forgotten Ancestors (1992 with Ann Druyan),
Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in
Space (1994), The Demon-Haunted World: Science
as a Candle in the Dark (1996) and Billions and
Billions. His webpage:

Schumaker J


John F. Schumaker is a clinical psychologist
now Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology, University
of Canterbury, New Zealand He has authored many
books of which: Wings of Illusion: The Origin,
Nature, and Future of Paranormal Belief (1990),
Religion and Mental Health (1992), The Corruption
of Reality: A Unified Theory of Religion, Hypnosis,
and Psychopathology (1995),

Shermer M


Michael Shermer is the Founding Publisher of
Skeptic magazine, the Director of the Skeptics
Society, a monthly columnist for Scientific American
and the host of the Skeptics Lecture Series at
Caltech. He is the author of: How We Believe:
The Search for God in an Age of Science (), Why
People Believe Weird Things (1997), Teach Your
Child Science (), and The Borderlands of Science
: Where Sense Meets Nonsense (2002), How We Believe,
2nd Edition : Science, Skepticism, and the Search
for God (2003) and The Science of Good and Evil
: Why People Cheat, Share, Gossip, and Follow
the Golden Rule (2004). More on Michael Shermer:

Smith E

SMITH Elske P.

Elske P. Smith of Virginia Commonwealth University
in Richmond Virginia is Co author of Introductory
Astronomy and Astrophysics (1992), with Michae
Zeilik and Stephen Gregory..

Smolin L


Lee Smolin is a theoretical physicist; Professor
of Physics at the Center for Gravitational Physics
and Geometry at Pennsylvania State University;
author of The Life of The Cosmos (1995) and Three
Roads to Quantum Gravity (2001). More on Lee


Alan David Sokal is a physicist at New York University.
He is best known to the general public for the
Sokal Affair of 1996. Sokal submitted a parodic
paper to the postmodern cultural studies journal
Social Text to see if they would publish any
nonsense which “flattered the editors’ ideological
preconceptions”. The journal published it and
Sokal revealed the hoax in Lingua Franca. He
followed this up by co-authoring the book Fashionable
Nonsense with Jean Bricmont in 1998. The book
accuses pseudo academics of using scientific
and mathematical terms incorrectly to impress
readers. His research in physics include statistical
mechanics, quantum field theory, mathematical
physics, and computational physics. Homepage:

STERN Jessica

Jessica Stern, the foremost US expert on terrorism
is a lecturer at Harvard University’s Kennedy
Shool of Government. Has served with the National
Security Council.

STOCK Gregory

– Gregory Stock is director of the Program on
Medicine, Technology ans Society at the School
of Medicine of the University of California at
Los Angeles. He is the author of Metaman, The
Book of Questions and Redesigning Humans (2002).

Thorne K


Kip Thorne is the Feynman Professor of Theoretical
Physics at the California Institute of Technology
and author of Black Holes and Time Warps(1994)
His page:



Giulio Tononi is a psychiatrist and neuroscientist
who focuses on sleep and consciousness research
at the University of Wisconsin.

Verschuur G


Gerrit Vershuur is a radio astronomer who has
written Interstellar Matters: Essays on Curiosity
and Astronomical Discovery

Weinberg S


– Steven Weinberg is a nuclear physicist. He
helped develop important theories of electromagnetic
and nuclear particle interaction that were experimentally
verified in 1982-83 when Carlo Rubbia and Simon
van der Meer identified the subatomic particles
W and Z. In 1979, Weinberg shared the Nobel Prize
in Physics with Abdus Salam and Lee Glashow .
His books include: First Three Minutes: A Modern
View of the Origin of the Universe (1993), Dreams
of a Final Theory : The Scientist’s Search for
the Ultimate Laws of Nature (1994), More on Steven

Wheeler J

WHEELER John Archibald

John Archibald Wheeler is emeritus professor
at Princeton University He has autored several
books of which Geons, Black Holes & Quantum
Foam (1998) Biography:



The Art of Dying: How to Leave This World with
Dignity and Grace, at Peace with Yourself and
Your Loved Ones, St. Martin’s Press, 1996; Griffin,
1997 Transcendence of Loss Over the Life Span,
Hemisphere, 1988


WILSON David Sloan

David Sloan Wilson is a professor at Binghamton
University. He is a prominent proponent of the
concept of group selection in evolution. Wilson
has published Darwin’s Cathedral, an attempt
to reconcile religion and Darwinism. This book
proposes that religion is a product of cultural
evolution, developed through a process of group-level
natural selection, which serves to enhance the
fitness of the group.


WOIT Peter

Peter Woit graduated from Harvard University
in 1979 and has a Ph.D. in theoretical physics
from Prinston University. He is now a lecturer
in the mathematics department of Columbia University
where he teaches graduate courses in quantum
field theory, representation theory and differential
geometry. Webog:

Wright R


Robert Wright is a senior editor at The New Republic
and has written in The Atlantic Monthly, The
New Yorker and Time. He has authored Three Scientists
and Their Gods (), Nonzero: The Logic of Human
Destiny (2001) and The Moral Animal: Evolutionary
Psychology and Everyday Life (1994).

Zeilik M

ZEILIK Michael

Michael Zeilik is Professor of Physics and Astronomy
at the University of New Mexico. His books include:
Astronomy : The Evolving Universe (), Astronomy,
the Cosmic Perspective (with John Gaustad 1990),
Conceptual Astronomy (), Introductory Astronomy
& Astrophysics (with Stephen Gregory and
Elske Smith 1992),