Connaître les auteurs – I-L


Journalist Susan Jacoby is the director of the
Center for Inquiry Metro New York, a rationalist
research and advocacy organization. She is the
author of Moscow Conversations (1972), Half Jew
(1982), Wild Justice (1984), Soul to Soul (1994)
and Freethinkers (2004). Homepage:

James W

JAMES William

William James (1842-1910) was an original thinker
in and between the disciplines of physiology,
psychology and philosophy. His twelve-hundred
page masterwork, The Principles of Psychology
(1890), is a rich blend of physiology, psychology,
philosophy. James expressed his religious concerns
in The Will to Believe and Other Essays in Popular
Philosophy (1897), in Human Immortality: Two
Supposed Objections to the Doctrine (1898), in
The Varieties of Religious Experience (1902)
and in A Pluralistic Universe (1909). His memorial


Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison is Professor of Psychiatry
at the John Hopkins University School of Medicine.
She is the author of An Unquiet Mind and Touched
with Fire.

Johnson S


Steven Berlin Johnson is a writer, author of
Interface Culture: How New Technology Transforms
The Way We Create And Communicate (1999). and
Emergence: The Connected Lives of Ants, Brains,
Cities, and Software (2002). His homepage:

Karu M

KAKU Michio

Michio Kaku is Henry Semat Professor of Theoretical
Physics at the City University of New York. He
graduated from Harvard and received his Ph.D.
from Berkeley. He is author of Hyperspace: A
Scientific Odyssey through Parallel Universes
(1995), Time Warps and the Tenth Dimension (1995),
Beyond Einstein The Cosmic Quest for the Theory
of the Universe (1995 with Jennifer Trainer),
Visions: How Science Will Revolutionize the 21st
Century (1998) and Quantum Field Theory: A Modern
Introduction and Introduction to Superstrings
and M-Theory (1999) His homepage:

Kauffman S


Stuart Kauffman is a biologist; professor of
biochemistry at the University of Pennsylvania
and a professor at the Santa Fe Institute; author
of Origins of Order: Self Organization and Selection
in Evolution (1993), and of At Home in the Universe:
The Search for the Laws of Self-Organization
and Complexity (with George Johnson,1995). His


KEENAN Julian P.

Julian Keenan’s interests are in neuroimaging,
self-awareness and theory of mind, deception
and deception detection and evolutionary cognitive
neuroscience .



Jack Kevorkian, M.D. is a controversial American
pathologist. He is most noted for publicly championing
a terminal patient’s “right to die” and claims
to have assisted at least 130 patients. Imprisoned
in 1999, he is currently serving out a 10 to
25 year prison sentence for second-degree murder
in the 1998 poisoning of Thomas Youk, 52, of
Oakland County, Michigan.


KOCH Christof

Christof Koch was awarded a Ph.D. in biophysics
from the University of Tubingen in 1982. After
a post doctoral fellowship at MIT he became the
Lois and Victor Troendle Professor of Cognitive
and Behavioural Biology at the California Institute
of Technology in 1986. Together with Francis
Crick, he has pioneered the scientific study
of consciousness. He loves rock climbing.



Mike Kropfeld est le fondateur et l’actuel directeur
général d’Infosectes (Info-Cult), à Montréal

Krupp E

KRUPP Edwin C.

Edwin C. Krupp is an astronomer and the director
of Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. He is
the author of In Search of Ancient Astronomies
() Echoes of the Ancient Skies (1994), Beyond
the Blue Horizon: : Myths and Legends of the
Sun, Moon, Stars and Planets (1991) and Skywatchers,
Shamans & Kings (1997) More on astronomical

Kuhn T

KUHN Thomas

Thomas Kuhn (1923-1996), a professor of philosophy
and history of science at M.I.T. from 1979 to
1983 and the Laurence S. Rockefeller Professor
of Philosophy there from 1983 until 1991, was
the author or co-author of five books on the
philosophy and history of science of which: The
Structure of Scientific Revolutions (1962) and
The Essential Tension: Selected Studies in Scientific
Tradition and Change (1977). More on Thomas Kuhn:

Kurtz H

KURTZ Howard

Howard Kurtz is the host of the weekly CNN program
Reliable Sources, which turns a critical lens
on the media. He is the media reporter for The
Washington Post and writes a regular column called
Media Notes. He is author of Media Circus: The
Trouble With America’s Newspapers (1994), Hot
Air: All Talk, All the Time (1996), Spin Cycle:
How the White House and the Media Manipulate
the News (1998), The Fortune Tellers : Inside
Wall Street’s Game of Money, Media, and Manipulation
(2000) More on Reliable sources:

Kurtz P


Paul Kurtz is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
at the State University of New York at Buffalo,
editor of Free Equiry magazine, founding chairman
of the Commitee for the Scientific Investigation
of Claims of the Paranormal (CISCOP) and copresident
of the International Humanist and Ethical Union.
He is the author of several books of which The
Trascendental Temptation (), the Forbidden Fruit
() and Living without Religion (1994) Council
for Secular Humanism:


Ray Kurzweil, an inventor and entrepreneur, has
been pushing the technological envelope for years
in his field of pattern recognition. Among his
many accomplishments, he developed the technology
behind the flatbed scanner, and he is a leading
expert in speech recognition. He has successfully
founded, developed, and sold four AI businesses
in OCR, music synthesis, speech recognition,
and reading technology. He is the author of The
Age of Intelligent Machines (), The Age of Spiritual
Machines, When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence
(), The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend
Biology () and coauthor of Fantastic Voyage:
Live Long Enough to Live Forever (2005 with Terry
Grossman). Homepage:

Laborit H


Henri Laborit (1914-1995) left a career in surgery
for fundamental research in medecine. He was
the first to use the tranquilizer chlorpromazine.
He has written several books in French Books:


Lamont C

LAMONT Corliss

Corliss Lamont holds a Ph.D. in philosophy from
Columbia University. He was a director of the
American Civil Liberties Union from 1932 to 1954
then was the chairman of the National Emergency
Civil Liberties Commitee until his death in1995.



Joseph LeDoux, a neuroscientist and Professor
at the Center for Neural Science, New York University,
seeks a biological rather than psychological
understanding of our emotions. Among his fascinating
findings is the work of amygdala structure within
the brain. He is the author of The Emotional
Brain (), and Synaptic Self (2002); coauthor
(with Michael Gazzaniga) of The Integrated Mind,
and editor with W. Hirst of Mind and Brain: Dialogues
in Cognitive Neuroscience. Homepage:

Lynch A


Aaron Lynch is an independent researcher from
Evanston, Illinois. He has written: Thought Contagion:
How Belief Spreads Through Society (1999), More
on Aaron Lynch: